The Rebirth of Art and Beauty in Venice


Fondation Valmont presents JANUS, an exhibit at Fondaco dei Tedeschi:

Didier Guillon explores the concepts of renewal, ends and beginnings.

A fil rouge ties Fondation Valmont to the exclusive Fondaco dei Tedeschi, a luxury department store in Venice that celebrates the best of Made in Italy as the most important brands. An impalpable yet unyielding thread that binds Art with Beauty.

With his scenography focused around an array of white masks, Didier Guillon explores the notions of new beginnings and endings, choices and passages. Baptised Janus as a tribute to the romain God, his two-faced masks embody past and future opportunities.

Janus is an image of man’s fragility. These two enigmatic faces represent two personalities. A public face and a more hidden one. This double shines through in the masks which are not perfect but deformed as if there was an imprint of human fragility in their expressions.

These masks are the very metaphor of Venice, a wonderful city with two faces: a cosmopolitan and international city that looks to the future but also the cradle of culture and art with an eye to the past.

Always open to new languages and forms of expression, Didier Guillon added another powerful portrait of the transience and charm of Venice:

Morte a Venezia (Death in Venice, 1971, Luchino Visconti)

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Your thirst to discover does not leave you despite the recommendations to stay at home? Visit the contemporary art exhibition Janus by Didier Guillon as if you were there… in complete safety from your sofa.

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