The Rebirth of Art and Beauty


Fondation Valmont presents JANUS, an exhibit at the Historical Museum of Hydra, Greece.

After a Venetian exhibition during the collective installation at Palazzo Bonvicini in Venice, a staging in the luxurious Department Store Fondaco dei Tedeschi at the Serenissima, Fondation Valmont invests the first floor of the Historical Archives Museum of Hydra.

The mask, one of the three icons of Didier Guillon’s artist.

With his scenography focused around an array of white masks, Didier Guillon explores the notions of new beginnings and endings, choices and passages. Baptized Janus as a tribute to the Romain God, his two-faced masks embody past and future opportunities, reflecting a perfect aesthetic.

Janus Bifrons is one of the earliest divinities of the ancient Latins and Romans, venerated since the dawn of the city of Rome. Depicted with two faces, one mirroring the other, Janus is the god of beginnings, doors, and passages.



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