the most intimate foundation in Venice


Born from the desire to establish the Group’s artistic commitment in the long run, Fondation Valmont perpetuates its parent company’s mission: to promote art, beauty and uniqueness. From its roots it draws its values: quality, aesthetics, generosity and sustainability; the cement of an unchanging quest for transmission. When art and beauty meet humanity.

Its raison d’être is inseparable from the Group’s history. Valmont, the Swiss cellular cosmetics brand, established as one of the most prestigious anti-ageing brands by Sophie Vann Guillon and Didier Guillon. As the CEO, she embodies the essence of product creation, elevating ordinary formulas into exceptional works of art. He, a passionate art enthusiast, constructs new connections and bridges. It’s a place where art serves as its guiding principle, and communication becomes an art form in itself. Within these walls, passion is a legacy that transcends generations, flowing seamlessly from father to son—from Didier to Maxence Guillon—unconstrained by conventions or boundaries.

In 2015, a moment of consecration arrived. Venice, where art and water intertwine seamlessly, emerged as the natural choice. This international institution transformed the Serenissima into the canvas for its foundation, with the Palazzo Bonvicini serving as its masterpiece. This new endeavor aspires to become a vital pillar, adding another layer to the foundation, and dedicated to sharing passions and unveiling vocations.



Convinced that art is shared, and passions are communicated, Fondation Valmont’s raison d’être is one, its mission plural:

  • To promote art
  • To make art accessible to everyone, in all forms, with due regard for the values embodied by its parent company
  • To spread emotions through drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations
  • To question the world and its challenges through their interpretations
  • To transmit
  • To consecrate artistic freedom through international and travelling exhibitions. The first ones at the Palazzo Bonvicini where installations by various artists are highlighted. Then the second ones inside La Maison Valmont where, for a time, an installation by Didier Guillon resides.
  • To reveal
  • To meet and discover the creative magic of emerging artists through a virtuous and generous circle’s force, initiated in particular with the D&M Art Fund. But also, to settle in relationships with artists and curators who, as their work develops, become part of Valmont Foundation panorama.
  • To establish. To consecrate art as one of Valmont universe’s key elements. Far from being locked down only to the cosmetic field, Didier Guillon, in turn passionate curator, sponsor and artist, has always had one ambition: to combine art and beauty with subtlety. And today, to build artistic bridges between Fondation Valmont and La Maison Valmont.


As a starting point for international travelling exhibitions, Fondation Valmont invites its visitors to a Venetian wonderment, to a contemporary enchantment from here and elsewhere.

International exhibitions at Palazzo Bonvicini

Concomitant with the Art Biennials and resulting of an artists’ collective, the international exhibitions sublimates childhood’s myths and tales. Collective exhibitions which, like an a breadcrumb trail, rethink modern art and existential themes’ universality. Stories reinterpreted with contemporary resonance, giving everyone the opportunity to think outside the box. Alice in Doomedland, Hansel & Gretel – White Traces in Search of Your Self, Peter Pan. La nécessité du rêve; just as much visual narratives, supports and materials to question the world and enchant reality.

Aesthetic exhibitions, collective as well, feature different artists united around a spirit, a dialogue, a common love. A creative performance in search of a universal form of beauty, like Venetian Love and its Janus which became a travel figure.

Local and travelling exhibitions

In parallel with these artistic events, Fondation Valmont is taking some of its works on the road through travelling exhibitions. A “solo road show” in La Maison Valmont’ heart, prestigious galleries or department stores with, as always, the ambition of sharing and accessibility. From Munich to New York, from Tokyo to Milan, The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla, Tintswalo African Colors, The Room of Tears, White Mirror and Hope  are all at once ephemeral and durable. Ephemeral with the unchanging desire to appeal to as many people as possible, and durable as made of sustainable materials. A bias as a strong signal of Fondation Valmont’s green commitment.

Fondation Valmont, through its generous actions and the development of its artists’ residencies, is pursuing the desire to tie a relationship other than through the product. To transmit to future generations and to its community a taste for art and passions.