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Venice. Always, forever
A city of inspiration, dreams, happiness and visions for Didier Guillon.
The city where art reigns in all flamboyance, free from the world’s chaos and economic concerns.
The city where all artistic expressions are praised for their soul.
The city where Fondation Valmont has contributed to the artistic scene with major exhibitions showcased during the two last contemporary Art Biennales.
The city where Fondation Valmont has acquired a pure Italian palazzo, Palazzo Bonvicini.
The city where the Valmont Group engaged in the fragrance business with Storie Veneziane.
The city where this new achievement was born…

Venice, 2019
The first intention of “White Mirror” was initiated and showcased during the Art Biennale. Baptized “Hansel & Gretel”, the exhibition unveiled Didier Guillon’s latest works, around the concept of a white forest populated with totems in honeycomb cardboard and papier-mâché masks.  White faces, all identical, staring at the visitor… or maybe not. Their eyes blind to any presence, as a metaphor of loneliness in a crowd.

And this question: are you wearing a mask?

Ginza, New York, Milano, Munich, Chengdu in 2019
Didier Guillon features a second collection of works, deeply influenced by front-page news, geopolitics and sustainability concerns. This new interpretation presents totems in honeycomb cardboard, golden and white papier-mâché masks and golden balls… which question visitors:

  • Are we lost in the city?
  • Are men hiding behind masks?
  • Is the human race hiding reality under golden covers?
  • Are some men hiding behind golden masks?

This collection of about 30 works entirely designed by Didier Guillon will come to life in La Maison Valmont Ginza (Tokyo) beginning of October, before flying to New York (393 NYC Gallery), Milano, Munich and landing in La Maison Valmont Chengdu in December.

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