Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent
8.09.2022 > 19.11.2022

Fondation Valmont, in partnership with the prestigious Galerie Andreas Binder in Munich, unveils Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent. An exclusive exhibition for La Maison Valmont Munich which, from September 8th to November 19th 2022, will delight art lovers, fans of beauty and creativity in its purest form.

Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent celebrates the unprecedented encounter of two free spirits far from any labels. Two talents extatic to mix their artistic visions and their respective works with a unique ambition and rule. Celebrate the pleasure of creating, to flout all limits.

An experience like a return to art’s deepest roots. Live intensely the creative act and free the imagination. Let the ink flow. To paint, draw, sculpt. To play with codes, be spontaneous. Together, they give birth to an eclectic and playful furniture pieces’ series, chairs and cushions, sculptures and paintings.

An artistic chat between individuals and four-handed works

Hadrien Dussoix and Didier Guillon link up in a dialogue between individuals works and four-handed works. A prolific two-beat rhythm. An eco-responsible work, one on material, the other on furniture. A highly colourful creative sincerity.


La Maison Valmont Munich
Maximilianstrasse 22

Little Art
Valmont supports little Art, a non-profit organisation for fostering children’s creativity in Munich

“You may find yourself in a beautiful house”, Hadrien Dussoix, acrylic and spray on canvas, 180x130cm, 2015

Individual works

Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent is a dialogue of autonomous works, the result of their respective inspiration. Thus, Hadrien Dussoix’s iconic collection of cathedral paintings contrasts with Didier Guillon’s latest Trumps.

Since 2013, Hadrien Dussoix produces a series of cathedrals, tribute to the Renaissance period. He illustrates the most traditional settings with unexpected supports like using street art’s codes. Very quickly acclaimed by his peers, his large scale paintings get the status of art works recognized for their depth, volumes and contrasts emanating from them. For this exclusive exhibition, Hadrien unveils two paintings from this renowned collection.

Didier Guillon on his side tags former US president Donald Trump in an impressive masks series inspired by “Moaïs”. Seven “Trumps” painted on New York Times pages. A tribute to the American newspaper for its ability to manage information and “fake news” from which emanates an intriguing and meditative appeal. A fantastic echo of Hadrien Dussoix’s cathedrals.

And Didier Guillon to perpetutate his quest by giving life to TMTT. Four capital letters for Tell Me The Truth, four letters for two sculpted, openwork, colourful chairs. Two responsible works looking like no other.

“Trumps” 2, Didier Guillon, painting and collage on cardboard, 76x106x110cm, 2019

“Hadrien Dussoix & Didier Guillon s’amusent” artistic workshop,
fabric pens on canvas, 2020

Live Performance & four-handed works

“Let’s look at colours as a connoisseur, but let’s also live them with spontaneity and a certain innocence. These Michel Pastoureau words could have been those of Hadrien and Didier.

Around a huge canvas, imagination and spontaneity mingle. Magic happens, creative energies entangle. The two artists have in mind a clear goal : to produce a patterned textile which could enhance few chairs outdated design. To achieve this, a 24 hours live performance. No room for a second attempt, here spontaneity governs creativity.

From this parenthesis comes out an assembly of works and decorative objects. Chairs and cushions dressed in an unique fabric.

The artists

Didier Guillon is one of those whose art is inseparable from his DNA. Whose lineage is among the greatest contributors to the art world. How then could Didier Guillon have escaped creative fever? Artist himself, he is an art passionate and enjoy nothing more that building new bridges. Over the last few years, he has designed multiple works; playing with different media and dimensions, skilfully combining a wide range of materials. A proliferating reflection on the new ways of apprehending, discussing and appreciating contemporary art and the world around it.

Born in Geneva, Hadrien Dussoix is a prodigious young talent noticed by his peers. Renowned for his extremely precise technique, combined with a free spirit, Hadrien Dussoix is a versatile artist. His creativity knows no boundaries, his talent no constraints, his process is organic. Inspiration dominates like an intuitive writing.
Hadrien Dussoix is famous for his monumental paintings as well as for his intimate formats. What he likes the most ? To give a second life to objects, rehabilitate obsolete furniture, produce series. Works that he mixes like a DJ mashes his tracks.

Galerie Andreas Binder and Open Art Munich, an exceptional partnership

For this first co-exhibition, Fondation Valmont is delighted to partner with the prestigious Galerie Andreas Binder.

As an internationally renowned institution, Galerie Andreas Binder exhibits both emerging and established international contemporary artists. Since its inception, it intensively participates in the most prestigious art fairs in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Galerie Andreas Binder, it is also one of Open Art Munich flagship galleries, which will take place this year from September 9th to 11th. Open Art Munich or the experience of exhibitions and events taking place in more than 40 galleries and over 20 institutions in Munich. A great window for La Maison Valmont Munich and the exhibition Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent.


Celebrating their respective talents and collaboration, the exhibition Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent enshrines the artists’ total dedication to arts.

“Art under the skin”, which like a seal resonates deeply with Valmont products, whose objective is to infuse the skin with beneficial ingredients. But also with each of Les Maisons Valmont, an unequalled experience eden, a contemplation and varied technicalities haven. One being inseparable from the others; art, care and products combine in a skilfully orchestrated symphony. Thus, during an escape moment, the walls reveal artists, while in the cabin, senses are awakened. A gestural, an olfactory and sensory choreography of international renown.

With the exhibition Hadrien Dussoix et Didier Guillon s’amusent, from September 8th to November 19th 2022 in Munich, Fondation Valmont is once again perpetuating the mission of its parent company: to promote art, the beautiful and the rare.

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