Ivo in Japan

2024 Worldwide contemporary art exhibition

Ivo in Japan, when contemporary art meets tradition

Ivo the gorilla, Fondation Valmont icon since 2018, continues his journey throughout stories, cultures and colors. In 2024, Ivo draws inspiration from Japan’s rich cultural heritage for an immersive and innovative exhibition.

The exhibition pays tribute to the unique blend of tradition and modernity which Didier Guillon and his daughter Valentine discovered during a trip to the Japanese archipelago.

The exhibition features a sophisticated scenography and meticulous lighting effects, allowing Ivo to wander through rice-paper lamps inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s work, and rice-paper folding screens framed in wood.

The highlight of the exhibition are Ivo figures dressed with wagaras, exceptional fabrics, brightly coloured with unequalled weaving quality, traditionally used to make kimonos. They carry a deep symbolism linked to Japanese culture.

Ivo in Japan exhibition will grace several La Maison Valmont boutiques across Europe and the United States, culminating in a grand finale at La Maison Valmont Munich.

Exhibitions shown in


Madrid – C. de Jorge Juan, 13
Paris – Le Meurice, 228 Rue de Rivoli
New York – 35 E 76th St


Munich – Maximilianstraße 22


Berlin – Fasanenstraße 72





The origin of this exploration dates to the journey undertaken by Didier Guillon and his daughter Valentine in 2023 within the Japanese archipelago. United by a common fascination for Japanese art, design, and centuries-old craftsmanship, they go back to Europe imbued with traditional fabrics and visual emotions. Laden with evident memories, they embark on this return as a tribute to the unique alliance between tradition and modernity that characterizes the beauty of Japan.

Valentine & Didier Guillon in Japan