November 720, 2023


Fondation Valmont is delighted to present the new restoration project dedicated to the Venetian floors of Palazzo Bonvicini.

Venice is a delicate unique city, inserted by UNESCO in the World Heritage List
since 1987.
Being a fragile city, due to a peculiar lagoon ecosystem,
it certainly needs to be taken care of.
That’s why Fondation Valmont will start some preventive restoration works
at his headquarters to let its floors shine in their ancient glory.
During these two-week restoration time, between November 7th to 20th, Palazzo Bonvicini will be closed to the public.


Fondation Valmont is glad to welcome you from November 21st,
with a new opening time: Tuesday – Saturday, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Meanwhile, we invite you to follow our work on Instagram, where some “behind the scenes” of the restoration will be revealed while in progress.