JANUS - Fondation Valmont

The Rebirth of Art and Beauty

30.09.2021 – 01.02.2022

La Maison Valmont Berlin


Having met an incredible success during its presentation in Venice with the exhibition Venetian Love, Janus is now installed in La Maison Valmont Berlin.

Through the creation of his artwork Janus, the artist Didier Guillon explores human duality. Among the earliest figures in Roman mythology, Janus is the God of beginnings, ends, passages and doors.

Called Bifrons when represented with two faces, one symbolizing the past, the other the future. Didier Guillon’s Janus echoes contemporary questions and the eternal need to look to the past in order to learn and prepare for the future, which is why the mask is one of Didier Guillon’s three artistic icons, along with the cage and the gorilla.

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