Les affinités électives Château de Nyon - Fondation Valmont

Les Affinités Électives Château De Nyon

9.02.2018 – 8.04.2018

Over a two-month period, the Château de Nyon is presenting selected works from the Valmont Foundation Collection of modern art. The pieces on display are remarkable for their close geographic and thematic ties to Nyon and the Lake Geneva region. Moreover, the works assembled by the Valmont Foundation bear a distinct resemblance to the Château’s own collections, with several creations in glass, ceramics and other fired materials. The title of the exhibition, “Elective Affinities,” from the novel by Goethe, reflects this artistic kinship. The choice of this title was the result of a shift in literary associations from the original working title, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses,” a reference to the famous novel by Choderlos de Laclos in which one of the main characters goes by the name of Valmont.

Following the Greek isle of Hydra and a Venetian palazzo, the Valmont Foundation has thus selected the Château de Nyon as the venue to exhibit part of its collection. Three sites where water is omnipresent: the Aegean Sea, the Adriatic and Lake Geneva.

Works from the Valmont Foundation collection, as well as artwork by Jane LeBesque, Silvano Rubino and the Artigas Foundation

An exhibition in collaboration with http://www.chateaudenyon.ch/fr/

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